Angels visit


For the last few weeks, my mandalas have been used as a form of prayer.   Another way to use this is to be grateful and my mandalas tend to reflect how I am feeling.. they’re like a barometer for me.

Checking in with myself.  I get past the cluttered garbage – the worried thoughts disappear and the mandala allows me to focus on the outcome that I wish to see.  In this case, healing.

What appears to me are angels and the light they bring.  They bring light to my soul.. encouragement, possibility, renewal, uplifting me to a place of peace.  Here, I can vibrate on a much lighter, clearer and joyful state.  If we can go there.. if our thoughts, our feelings are there, then that is the energy that gets sent out into the world.. energy begets more of that same energy.

This is where I want to be.  This is where I put my attention.  This is what brings abundance for me, makes my heart sing.. and I am truly grateful for so many blessings and the answered prayers of healing.



Om Shanti

So much has been going on out in the world and personally, so I decided to create a mandala.. bring me back to focus and also to send out some healing energy into the world.  I believe prayer is very powerful and the more people pray in a positive form by way of visualizing what we would like to see.. clean water, clean air, more joyfulness and abundance.. freedom.  Freedom to choose  how we think.. choose to focus on the positive.. the blessings.  This is what I do as I create the mandala.

Centered in Love

So much has been happening lately, with the excitment of the show.. some orders to be filled.. moving on to the next project.. tax information  needing to be gathered and organized… and then this horrible event in Japan and hoping friends are safe there.  Doctors visits and the anxiousness they bring…

I became extremely restless.  I went to my room and created a bunch of mandalas.  This soothed my soul a bit, helping me to come into a sense of calmness and grounding.. focusing.. listening.

Go to the center.  Spend some quiet time just listening to the inner voice within.. move within to that center of peace in your heart.. get centered in love… this is what matters most.


A great reception :-)

I embellished this, adding some crystals and backed it with glitter paper.   I forgot to take a picture, but the new owner 🙂 took one and it’s on facebook.  I sold one more framed mandala and all the cards I made.. Have an order for more too.  Yeah 🙂

Along with the mandalas, I had the assemblages and sold 3 of them.  I had made a decision to let go.  It was time to release them and let them fly and they did.. went to good homes.

The craziness of preparing for this show and the Youth Art month reception is over. My focus now is on the preschool show and back to creating more assemblages and mandalas for whatever show comes next.

This is what I’ve learned:  If you don’t release what you have to make room for the new, how will it all fit!

There has to be a flow of releasing and receiving.. a movement.. otherwise, life becomes stagnant.


enter here

Here’s the entrance to the art room.  I’m still working on the rearranging part, but I am having fun with it.. for the most part.  sometimes I get frustrated and it’s really because some things need to go… really.

Love’s Direction

Love's Direction

Here I am again.  I tend to avoid this blog, mostly because I’m so used to blogspot.  Different.  Like moving from the PC to a Mac.  Lately, I’ve been focusing on where I am being pulled.  Listening to my inner self of where I really want to be, and what has been hiding deep within that wants to be brought out into the open.

What secret needs to be revealed… Mandala usually brings the message a little closer to the surface and that’s why I keep going back.. This is good for me.. but can it be  used to help others.

Yoga helps me and I know it helps others.. and I know art in general helps me and I know it helps others.  I KNOW this.. but what about my own art.  Am I bringing something to the table that can benefit someone else.  It is this consummate “helper/healer/caretaker/need to make a difference” within me that keeps coming back to this.  When I teach children, I get a sense of it.  It gets validated.   At times on the blog it does too… but there is this thing within me and I’m sure it is with most people, that you want to do something so big that you see it plainly with your own two eyes that you are benefiting the world, even if it’s one person at a time.

It is a path of love, really.  And I guess I have really answered my own question about it.. when one follows the path of what one loves.. it is the correct path and hopefully it touches someone and helps them with their day.

I wish you a good and loving day and that you find something that is specifically yours to share with love out into this world and someone comes up to you to tell you… thank you.

Now, I have some people to thank 🙂

Web of Life

Web of Life

I did a bunch of mandalas awhile ago, some uploaded elsewhere on the other blogs.  Feeling negligent of these blogs.  I used the WordPress after unable to access blogspot, but now I can .. and now I have a bunch of blogs.  I should get rid of some, but I won’t.

Today, being the first day of Spring, I decided I would focus more on posting mandalas here.  I just received Susanne Fincher’s book, The Mandala Workbook – A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being.  Just started reading it this morning, but my intention is to work through it.

I’ll post my journey here.  If anyone out there has the book and wants to join in.. just leave a comment and we can explore together 🙂

So, this Web of Life… Something I always seem to return to – the theme of interconnectedness (yikes) and how we find ourselves within these connections.. the synchronicity.. the magical coincidences, that make out jaw drop 🙂 And .. I see the cycle, the returning , the completing, beginning again.. moving forward after deep hibernation.. or so it seems.  

It is Spring.  Start anew and I am back.  Even my astrological chart has planets moving through the “other” parts of the chart. Rising upwards through 7th house experiences.. relationships.  Mars moving FORWARD (yeah) in the 11th house of community, friendship and that area is now busy.  Yes. Moving forward feels good as I feel I have been stagnant.

Have a most joyful day!