One door closes …

mandala cards

We took the show down yesterday.  I sold some cards.. thinking about 22.   I also had an inquirey about the mandala on the invitation.  Mixed feelings.. sad the show is over, but now motivated to find a new venue.   Laughed at John when he made a remark about the art being on vacation and now they’re back home.  He gets ready to exhibit his work in the library in November.   I feel something else coming on and not sure what.  I scored some great cigar boxes from the new owner of the store and feel that need to work on some assemblages.  My cards are going in another direction as well.  Life takes some interesting turns and I wonder where it will all lead to … I know I need to keep persuing in this newness I feel.. something is stirring deep inside.   Maybe I need to do another mandala for that answer 🙂

Back to creating.  A good thing 🙂


Natures Mandala

… and how could I create anything so magnificent.. but we are creators too.. and so we will…

Full Moon Mandala

Fire and Air

With the sun in Gemini and the moon in Saggitarius, this mandala was focusing on the elements of these two signs..  Air and Fire.  For me, Gemini is holding my 10th house and Sagg, my 4th.  Work and Home.  Out into the world and here in my sacred space, my home.

Find the balance between the two and as they come together in this balance, what appears in my life.. working from home.  I brought home a piece of furniture to paint for a client.

Not only that, but some ideas to expand, move into a new direction with my art, my mandalas in particular.  A full moon brings a culmination.. what comes to fruit, what blossoms, what hits home.. aHA!

It’s exciting when things perculate.. exciting when another path opens up… a new possibility.

earth’s playground- caught in duality

With a new journal, comes new materials.. not exactly new, but added.  I worked with markers and added the gel pens that are glittery.  It doesn’t show here so much, maybe if I photographed it instead of scanned it.

But the mandala, as I worked on it, kept speaking to me of  reflection, life’s reflections.  What appears outside is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.   Some refer to law of attraction – when we are happy, we attract more of it to us.  Life has these layers.   What is beneath the surface, the subconscious… then what we are conscious of – that which we acknowledge, which surrounds us – our waking life… and that which we may not be so conscious of, but is there non-the-less… The whole, the collective.. that which we buy into.  It is what our belief system – society tells us is reality.

But sometimes I question that.. I’m not so sure that I want to buy into some of it, so I go within and seek the truth.. my own truth.   The world is filled with moments of play and other times I cannot find it- no matter how hard I look.. there is the duality.  The contradictions of life. Play and Work.  Love and Fear.  They press up against each other.. blue and orange.. they show each other up.

Who will win.. and I wonder if there is such a thing as a winner.  No. No winner – just in and out, back and forth.

Me and you.


Then me.

The best is when it is us.

go further

Today’s message was about going further.. stretching my boundaries.  Keep going to see where it will take me. I’ll take this message with me through the day..

Plant a seed…

and watch it grow…

Be grateful to the Earth, our Mother, for all she brings to us.

Be grateful for her renewal,

her blossoms upon the trees,

on the ground,

in our eyes.

Say Thank you..

and take care of her…

every day.

Protect our Peas (Peace)

Do you ever feel you are on the edge of something.. something is about to change…  of course. We all get to be there in life and that’s where I am.  I don’t think I’m alone either.

I know astrologically, change is in the air.  An abundance of planets in Aries.. new beginnings.  It’s spring. Fresh start, rebirth and all that… but this feels bigger.  Life is coming at us faster – big changes happening in the world.  Here’s the thing… do we resist or try to flow with it?

I tend to resist some changes.  I WANT to read a book.. I love books, but I see all these bookstores closing around me and I wonder if I should play along and buy a kindle or something…  but there is a part of me that wants to say no. I want to get closer to the earth, not further from it… and it seems that technology tends to do both.  It pulls us away from intimate one on one physical relationships but hey, I can communicate with friends in Japan or Hawaii, or anywhere.. and meet new friends at the speed of my fingers!

How can we not be in awe of all of this… and yet, maybe because I am a “fixed” sign and getting older, set in my ways?? (na)  I tend to resist some of it.. I want it all to slow down a bit, catch my breath.  I want to sit on the earth for a spell, feel her softness, smell her moist soil, her perfumed flowers.. and not have someone tamper with it, come up with some “new” seed that produces some bigger, better (?) new food that screws up some other wonder… like a bee or butterfly.

Sheesh.  Some days it gets a bit weary… but then SHIFT!

I think about all there is to be grateful for. SHIFT… I look at all the beauty that surrounds me .. another shift.. moving closer to that feeling of abundance of joy, love, peace.

Struggles disappear and I go about my day, creating some art, listening to music, reading a book, taking a walk.. praying for peace.. praying for health.. eating some good healthy food.  Appreciating it ALL.