One door closes …

mandala cards

We took the show down yesterday.  I sold some cards.. thinking about 22.   I also had an inquirey about the mandala on the invitation.  Mixed feelings.. sad the show is over, but now motivated to find a new venue.   Laughed at John when he made a remark about the art being on vacation and now they’re back home.  He gets ready to exhibit his work in the library in November.   I feel something else coming on and not sure what.  I scored some great cigar boxes from the new owner of the store and feel that need to work on some assemblages.  My cards are going in another direction as well.  Life takes some interesting turns and I wonder where it will all lead to … I know I need to keep persuing in this newness I feel.. something is stirring deep inside.   Maybe I need to do another mandala for that answer 🙂

Back to creating.  A good thing 🙂