Full Moon Mandala

Fire and Air

With the sun in Gemini and the moon in Saggitarius, this mandala was focusing on the elements of these two signs..  Air and Fire.  For me, Gemini is holding my 10th house and Sagg, my 4th.  Work and Home.  Out into the world and here in my sacred space, my home.

Find the balance between the two and as they come together in this balance, what appears in my life.. working from home.  I brought home a piece of furniture to paint for a client.

Not only that, but some ideas to expand, move into a new direction with my art, my mandalas in particular.  A full moon brings a culmination.. what comes to fruit, what blossoms, what hits home.. aHA!

It’s exciting when things perculate.. exciting when another path opens up… a new possibility.


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