earth’s playground- caught in duality

With a new journal, comes new materials.. not exactly new, but added.  I worked with markers and added the gel pens that are glittery.  It doesn’t show here so much, maybe if I photographed it instead of scanned it.

But the mandala, as I worked on it, kept speaking to me of  reflection, life’s reflections.  What appears outside is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.   Some refer to law of attraction – when we are happy, we attract more of it to us.  Life has these layers.   What is beneath the surface, the subconscious… then what we are conscious of – that which we acknowledge, which surrounds us – our waking life… and that which we may not be so conscious of, but is there non-the-less… The whole, the collective.. that which we buy into.  It is what our belief system – society tells us is reality.

But sometimes I question that.. I’m not so sure that I want to buy into some of it, so I go within and seek the truth.. my own truth.   The world is filled with moments of play and other times I cannot find it- no matter how hard I look.. there is the duality.  The contradictions of life. Play and Work.  Love and Fear.  They press up against each other.. blue and orange.. they show each other up.

Who will win.. and I wonder if there is such a thing as a winner.  No. No winner – just in and out, back and forth.

Me and you.


Then me.

The best is when it is us.


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