Protect our Peas (Peace)

Do you ever feel you are on the edge of something.. something is about to change…  of course. We all get to be there in life and that’s where I am.  I don’t think I’m alone either.

I know astrologically, change is in the air.  An abundance of planets in Aries.. new beginnings.  It’s spring. Fresh start, rebirth and all that… but this feels bigger.  Life is coming at us faster – big changes happening in the world.  Here’s the thing… do we resist or try to flow with it?

I tend to resist some changes.  I WANT to read a book.. I love books, but I see all these bookstores closing around me and I wonder if I should play along and buy a kindle or something…  but there is a part of me that wants to say no. I want to get closer to the earth, not further from it… and it seems that technology tends to do both.  It pulls us away from intimate one on one physical relationships but hey, I can communicate with friends in Japan or Hawaii, or anywhere.. and meet new friends at the speed of my fingers!

How can we not be in awe of all of this… and yet, maybe because I am a “fixed” sign and getting older, set in my ways?? (na)  I tend to resist some of it.. I want it all to slow down a bit, catch my breath.  I want to sit on the earth for a spell, feel her softness, smell her moist soil, her perfumed flowers.. and not have someone tamper with it, come up with some “new” seed that produces some bigger, better (?) new food that screws up some other wonder… like a bee or butterfly.

Sheesh.  Some days it gets a bit weary… but then SHIFT!

I think about all there is to be grateful for. SHIFT… I look at all the beauty that surrounds me .. another shift.. moving closer to that feeling of abundance of joy, love, peace.

Struggles disappear and I go about my day, creating some art, listening to music, reading a book, taking a walk.. praying for peace.. praying for health.. eating some good healthy food.  Appreciating it ALL.


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