Angels visit


For the last few weeks, my mandalas have been used as a form of prayer.   Another way to use this is to be grateful and my mandalas tend to reflect how I am feeling.. they’re like a barometer for me.

Checking in with myself.  I get past the cluttered garbage – the worried thoughts disappear and the mandala allows me to focus on the outcome that I wish to see.  In this case, healing.

What appears to me are angels and the light they bring.  They bring light to my soul.. encouragement, possibility, renewal, uplifting me to a place of peace.  Here, I can vibrate on a much lighter, clearer and joyful state.  If we can go there.. if our thoughts, our feelings are there, then that is the energy that gets sent out into the world.. energy begets more of that same energy.

This is where I want to be.  This is where I put my attention.  This is what brings abundance for me, makes my heart sing.. and I am truly grateful for so many blessings and the answered prayers of healing.



2 Responses

  1. Doreen…
    I have not visited the mandala oasis for such a long time and there you were this morning…and it brought me here to this mandala…
    This mandala made me cry…it is the very day that my husband passed, April 15th…My Angel…My Hero…My Love…
    This is beautiful! Full of energy…and very healing to me…

    • Pattie, I’m happy this touched you. I feel so deeply in my heart and soul, we “change our address” but are still around.. somewhere, .. but unfortunately, we are left here in sadness, missing those we love… I am truly sorry for your loss. You, along with your husband are a hero!

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