A great reception :-)

I embellished this, adding some crystals and backed it with glitter paper.   I forgot to take a picture, but the new owner 🙂 took one and it’s on facebook.  I sold one more framed mandala and all the cards I made.. Have an order for more too.  Yeah 🙂

Along with the mandalas, I had the assemblages and sold 3 of them.  I had made a decision to let go.  It was time to release them and let them fly and they did.. went to good homes.

The craziness of preparing for this show and the Youth Art month reception is over. My focus now is on the preschool show and back to creating more assemblages and mandalas for whatever show comes next.

This is what I’ve learned:  If you don’t release what you have to make room for the new, how will it all fit!

There has to be a flow of releasing and receiving.. a movement.. otherwise, life becomes stagnant.



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