Love’s Direction

Love's Direction

Here I am again.  I tend to avoid this blog, mostly because I’m so used to blogspot.  Different.  Like moving from the PC to a Mac.  Lately, I’ve been focusing on where I am being pulled.  Listening to my inner self of where I really want to be, and what has been hiding deep within that wants to be brought out into the open.

What secret needs to be revealed… Mandala usually brings the message a little closer to the surface and that’s why I keep going back.. This is good for me.. but can it be  used to help others.

Yoga helps me and I know it helps others.. and I know art in general helps me and I know it helps others.  I KNOW this.. but what about my own art.  Am I bringing something to the table that can benefit someone else.  It is this consummate “helper/healer/caretaker/need to make a difference” within me that keeps coming back to this.  When I teach children, I get a sense of it.  It gets validated.   At times on the blog it does too… but there is this thing within me and I’m sure it is with most people, that you want to do something so big that you see it plainly with your own two eyes that you are benefiting the world, even if it’s one person at a time.

It is a path of love, really.  And I guess I have really answered my own question about it.. when one follows the path of what one loves.. it is the correct path and hopefully it touches someone and helps them with their day.

I wish you a good and loving day and that you find something that is specifically yours to share with love out into this world and someone comes up to you to tell you… thank you.

Now, I have some people to thank 🙂


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  1. Happy New Year Doreen!
    I love seeing your mandalas…and reading about the insights they give to you..and I love seeing my own insights in yours as well. YOU and your art…and your love of art and sharing it..well…it moves mountains! Beauty is a marvelous healer and revealer…and I thank you for sharing the beauty that you create…with us (aka the world)!

    Wondrous blessings for the new year…to you and yours.. love Cheryl

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