Web of Life

Web of Life

I did a bunch of mandalas awhile ago, some uploaded elsewhere on the other blogs.  Feeling negligent of these blogs.  I used the WordPress after unable to access blogspot, but now I can .. and now I have a bunch of blogs.  I should get rid of some, but I won’t.

Today, being the first day of Spring, I decided I would focus more on posting mandalas here.  I just received Susanne Fincher’s book, The Mandala Workbook – A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being.  Just started reading it this morning, but my intention is to work through it.

I’ll post my journey here.  If anyone out there has the book and wants to join in.. just leave a comment and we can explore together 🙂

So, this Web of Life… Something I always seem to return to – the theme of interconnectedness (yikes) and how we find ourselves within these connections.. the synchronicity.. the magical coincidences, that make out jaw drop 🙂 And .. I see the cycle, the returning , the completing, beginning again.. moving forward after deep hibernation.. or so it seems.  

It is Spring.  Start anew and I am back.  Even my astrological chart has planets moving through the “other” parts of the chart. Rising upwards through 7th house experiences.. relationships.  Mars moving FORWARD (yeah) in the 11th house of community, friendship and that area is now busy.  Yes. Moving forward feels good as I feel I have been stagnant.

Have a most joyful day!


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