By Air – By Water

by air or by water

by air or by water

When mercury goes retrograde, my computer life becomes much more complicated…but persistence pays off.

At home I could not upload pictures here on wordpress – neither could I get onto blogger.  I’m using the computer at my mother-in-laws whichwe have inherited, but remains here for awhile.  It doesn’t have any of MY pictures on it… until now. I copied my picture here from the mandala oasis group and cool, here it is….

Called By air or by water.  It started out as a doodle in a circle, then colored.  As I was scanning it, the title came to me because I “saw” what it was saying to me.  Our conversation of traveling.. I like air travel, but my husband doesn’t.  He likes water travel and I don’t. 

Fear.  I fear drowning and he fears falling from the sky.   Dilemma here.  We do share the element of earth though and I don’t mind driving.  This brings us to a decision of our next adventure… go west!  southwest…

We watched Travels to the Edge with Art Wolf and he went to those magnificent landscaps where the wind has erroded the earth into canyons that can only boggle the mind.  yeah. Road trip.  I also want to see redwood trees.

I think it’s interesting that we connect with one element over another.  An astrologer once told me I would benefit by having more water influence.  Pieces would be good for me.  I think he would benefit by some more air 🙂

I like the perspective from the air.  The landscape – the markings we have made on the earth.. a view from above.  Looking at all that glitters from above.  I like the higher perspective 🙂  I like seeing tiny specks of what we may think to be grand here on earth.

My husband has a different perspective. He grew up on the water and could swim for miles, an element he is comfortable in.  He did get me into a boat twice.. a rowboat and a canoe.  Water is calming, it’s also emotional… one of those elements that I am working on…..


3 Responses

  1. Your work is absolutely stunning. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  2. Doreen, Just thought I would tell you again how much I LOVE this mandala. The eye in the center seeing all, influencing all draws me into the center and then swirls me out to all the wonderful colors and images in the mandala. Pure eye-candy but eye-candy with a message. In gratitude for your beautiful art, Vicky Lynn :O)

  3. Your mandalas are amazing.The bright colors have so much life and makes you feel energized.

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