Star Dancing in Sacred Space

Holding Sacred Space

Holding Sacred Space

Painted during  our stay in the Catskills.  Brings me back to the feeling of balance and the Sacredness of life.  If I can only hold on to this………….

Star Dance

Star Dance

During our stay, we  met someone who had a very large telescope/camera.  We had a chance one night to look through it to see a cluster of stars (forgot the name) and then another dying star.. if we came back at 11:30 we could have seen Jupiter.. but I was fast asleep.    It is so amazing, and things fall back into perspective when you can see the immensity of what is out there…. and maybe even not there anymore… I love looking to the stars… astronomically and astrologically 🙂   Yes, I think we should all dance with the stars……


3 Responses

  1. Oh Doreen…the mandalas of your Soular System speak to me…echoing remembrance and unity…

    ALL of them are beyond description… I resonate w/them all. Thank you for sharing… I’ve not made any of late, so my Soular System is orbiting your Sacred Creativity…thank you!

    In a few weeks I’m going on retreat and I too will be away from the bells and whstles of my daily city-life…out where I can see black sky, galaxies…and hear the chorus of trees as they blow thru the wind.. Your mandalas and blog post have created deepened my happy anticipation of this retreat (I will be making my own hand drum – ah!.. another mandala!).

    Blessings and gratitude.. ~Cheryl

  2. I’ve been paging through your site, enjoying your wonderfully unique artwork. Star Dance is such an interesting work! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I came over from Daisy yellow and your work is just beautiful

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