Soular I

Soular I

Soular I

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  What do you see when you look into my eyes, I wonder?

Can you see where my joys are,  my delights..  Can you see sadness and confusion when my eyes see senseless violence, meaness, disrespectfullness for our Earth?  I want to look away.. but too many eyes do that already.

I want the soul’s energy to come through, soular energy that looks to possibilities, that can see miracles in every blade of grass.. that can see the divine spirit in ALL that is.  That’s what I want my soul to reflect in my eyes. 

In order for that to happen, one must live their own truth, live their life doing that which makes the soul sing!  Do what brings the most happiness… live each day in love.. unconditional love for yourself.  If we all did that,.. if we all lived doing that which brought us the most happiness, then … well, we’d all be happy beings 🙂   Om to that!

Find one thing today that will bring the most blissful smile upon your face and keep adding to it.  Let the goodness in your soul shine for all to see.



2 Responses

  1. Oh yes… you are singing my soul song, Doreen! Finding the glory in this magnificient planet..and life that we’ve been given. Each night around twilight I go for a walk in about a 4-block radius in my neighborhood. It’s a historic area with large old homes of various sorts: Victorian, brigck, frame..all amidst Frank Lloyd Wright homes as well. The trees are huge and I can see the sky in between. It comes alive at night…it’s all the setting for what I call my Enchanted Forest. I hear all sorts of birds, crickets and oh..the singing cicadas and night-breeze take me back to childhood. It’s heaven in every step..and my soul breathes it all in…and says “thank you.” That’s one way I give back to myself. That’s one thing I do..and keep adding on.. not far from there is a labrinth… Life is good… I’m glad and thankful that you’re in mine… Godspeed dearheart… ~Cheryl

  2. P.S. Your soul’s energy definitely does come through in all of your creations: your visual and written art. Simply doing our part to be the best we can be does add to the uplifted consciousness of our world.. Bravo!

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