Number 9, the number of completion. 

Fullness, blossomed, ripe


From my heart, opened, reaching out

extending to the edge

and then drawing back into myself

all that I receive from you.

Helping me to see the connection

Receiving your light,

your energy,

your blessing…

and feeling  the fullness of it all


and now, we step forward once more into this newness,

born again in to this new moment.



3 Responses

  1. Ahh..
    A breath of fresh air.. a heartful breath…a beautiful breath.. This bloomin’ mandala invites me into its purity and love… I love the heart at the center…and everthing else too. Is that paint? markers? (I still have not used my twinkling H20s yet …I have lots of them – but..I will.)

    • They are the Bic permanent markers. Similar to sharpies but without the smell. I haven’t used the new h2O’s either – right now markers are just easier for me…

  2. I love the clear heart in the very center and everything else about this mandala. There is something for you at my blog. Come see.

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