A few to catch up…

Tree spirit

Tree spirit

I’ve been keeping up with mandalas,  just not posting.  I have a few, but most likely won’t put them all up.  I go back and rework some of them as well.  Keeping up with things has been a bit challenging lately.. but this one, Tree Spirit, has great sentiment for me.  I love trees and get very upset when they are needlessly removed as I’m sure so many of you are… no go thank a tree and give it a hug for all it does for us.



While doing this one above, “tilt” kept coming to mind as well as the idea of swimming upstream.. and well, it ‘s all perspective now, isn’t it…so if I just tilt it a bit, it’s balanced and if I tilt it a little more… well, then I can go downstream … go with the flow.

seed dreams

seed dreams

I have been painting chairs for a client.  The theme for this particular chair was fruits and I added some seeds to it… so seeds were on my mind, I guess.   Planting the seeds of our dreams, watching them take root, nurturing them with love and passion.    If you would like to take a look at a wonderful video on mandalas, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0S1448lB-4  and thanks to Sue for sharing it.


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  1. Hi Doreen,
    Oh my… ALL of these speak to me, but Tree Spirt “really” speaks to me… I LOVE trees and feel they do speak to me when I’m with them…and this mandala feels like I’m right there. What a blessing to be able to capture the essence of something on your chosen canvas…what a gift to us.
    Thank you.
    hugs to you…Cheryl

    Oh! “Seed Dreams” also resonates – and oh my..”Tilt” is so cheery and joyful; the eyes are captivating; “fish” have been coming into my awareness over the last few weeks – I recently did a collage w/them too…very interesting.

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