Living on the edge

living on the edge

living on the edge

I was reading Osho on Creativity and I was inspired by his words.  We tend to live on the circumference of life.  The outside edge where we look to others for approval, acknowledgement, recognition.. an affirmation on who we are.  Why do we keep forgetting ?

We live outside along the circumference where it is busy. work, family, responsibilities an obligations, out there among the chaos and noise of doing life.   Who we really are is in the center, where the seed is.  It’s that private self, free of restraints, and no one judges… FREE to be as we truly are.  Our true spiritual Self… that is what we need to bring out there more often.  Making sure we don’t mistake the outside for the inside.. bottom line… it’s that ego that seems to create the problem.

That ego loves to be stroked by out there.  Wants to be validated.  It has it’s place, otherwise why would we have it 🙂 but it sure gets in the way sometimes…… Prevents me from getting my true work done.

So I continually come back to center.  Am reminded over and over again of who I really am. Who WE really are.  When I can stop and not judge you and you stop judging me and we come together into a wonderful state of knowing … Namaste’.. When the divine in me meets the divine in you and we become one.  The wave blends into the ocean……

Each individual seed blossoms and becomes a garden of magnificent beauty.  Our garden of Eden.



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. I can’t imagine how mandalas remained hidden from me for so long. It is such a soothing spiritual healing to look and meditate on them. I am learning. Thanks for helping me in my journey.

    • Coming back to see and read this message is something I needed reminding of.. so thanks Graciela for bringing me back to my inner wise self again. Why do I always get lost???

  2. Fantastic, so glad I stumbled on your blog … these are really great and your words resonate with me a great deal.

    Thank you

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