pie.. which piece?

pie.. which piece?

This is today’s mandala, Thurs. the 18th.  It’s raining really hard out and I don’t want to go out.. not until I have to.   As I was drawing and then coloring, I gave thought to how our lives are like pieces of pie.  Which slice would you like today?    As I was coloring, I realized how often I make things more complicated than they need to be.  My mind does it… it gets carried away with thoughts that wander… worry, fear, doubt, some or rather most of it, just made up. Not true.   No thank you.  I don’t want that piece.

Some days I dream of far away travels and journeys… so I read.  I lose myself in someone else’s adventure.  I’d rather have the adventure myself though…. but it’ll do for now.   Some days, the travel is local and involves community.  Short trips here and there, gathering up info, supplies, networking with others and brainstorming.. ideas join, intertwine and become one more project…  I choose this piece alot.. sometimes to an excess.

There is the mystical, philosophical, other-worldly slice I like to take a bite out of every once in awhile.. ok, alot.  I like playing here.  If  the whole pie were this.. I’d eat it up.

and there is the one slice that I like to have more of.  The slice of rose-colored glasses.. being in a state of bliss.. sunshine and flowers.. don’t bother me with the other stuff…   the garden of eden is where I want to be.  with nature.

and of course, the slice of life called art. YUM!

Yesterday, I did a quick mandala with some leftover paint from a project.. It’s call number 6.  That number hold significance to me as it is my life number (birth date).. maybe it’s called the destiny number. forgot.  It’s the number of service, family.. and it’s the number of the house I grew up in.

6 leftover paint

6 leftover paint

I’ll post the others later………


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  1. Oh..I am so relating to your slice of pie insights. My mom had a similar philosphy, reading your words brings back that memory of her…when she told me that. It had to do with “not having” what someone was trying to give me (their hassle)…she said, “It’s like being a vegetarian and some keeps trying to serve you meat; you say “no, I’m not having that”…and keep on about my business of the day. You’re saying the same thing, except it’s “us” that gets to tell ourselves, “no, I’d rather have this piece of pie.” — I’ll keep working with this. Thank you for serving it up in such a tasty, beautiful, practicle way… as you so often do.

    Blessings Doreen.. Cheryl

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