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Walking to yoga class yesterday evening, I had this image of being pulled like taffy.. stretched to the limit, wondering what it would take for me to S*N*A*P*!    Of course, after yoga, I felt much better… even though just before class, I was reminded to seperate the camp order… one more thing to do.   After yoga, my thoughts had shifted.  Small bites.  I don’t have to gulp it all down in one sitting!  Even beginning, which seems half the battle, is one small step towards getting it done.  One small step is all that’s needed… stop looking at the whole enchilada!

After dinner, I drew the above in my mandala book…. and as I was doing this… allowing what was to unfold, insight hit.  Of course!
Full moon was just in my 4th house (home) opposite the sun at my midheaven (career).. and thus was the pull. Wanting to stay home and work on my own walls, but having the outside world, those that pay the paint and art supply bills, bidding me to do their walls, or furniture, or blackboards, or altered books, or classes……
A deeper Understanding
A deeper Understanding

This morning, the understanding of this went deeper.  Choose each project, do it with love, even if it is only for 20 minutes.  Why do I think I need some huge blocks of time to get something done?  How many times have you been surprised by how little time it took to do something?

Last night I started on one of those projects.  simple. sketched it in.  Paint the chair a little at a time. One hour or two.. move on to something else. Little bites, and it gets done.  Details. Focus… lesson of Saturn.
And looking at it from the bigger perspective… what is really important?
The connection to love.
Love what you do.  Do what you love.
Unearth that power. Cross the bridge.  Follow the path.
That will bring a sense of peace.  Quieting the mind, and allowing the path to unfold, in it’s due time.
No stress.  No rushing.  No worry.
Peace and Love.
It all gets done 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Oh…these are heavenly! Your mandalas just rain Inspiration on me! “A deeper understanding” is really talking to me; the heart symbolism and heart-work is really speaking to me..and keeps coming up in my daily life in one way or another…like your mandala. Thank you for providing this soulful mirror.
    xx00, Cheryl

  2. OK, I’m back.. 🙂 — Of course your insight on “choose each project, do it with love…even if for 20 minutes” is precisely what I needed to be reminded of. It reminds me of Kahlil Gibran’s words that “…work is love made visible” – his words and yours are the dose I needed for my remembrance of what’s important…. staying connected to spirit in all that I do..(and bite-size actions). Again I say…thank you.

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