The door re-opens

keep this door open cropped

The re-opening of this door was inspired by Megan at Mandala Oasis.  She is doing a mandala a day which you can see here…  and maybe want to join in.

This is the second mandala on day 1.  I did a little through out the day.  I decided to experiment with how the time of day influences the mandala… what colors appear, what images surface, how bold, how detailed..  The first two are with very thin markers.. I then cropped them to get rid of the rings binding the book.  The third is with sharpies (not shown yet).. as I had to experiment with them 🙂

Thanks Megan 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Doreen, these are great – I love the bright vibrant colours – I’ve linked to you on my blog – hopefully others will join us.

  2. Wow! I am blown away by this image. Your mandalas are unique. There’s something playful about this one.

  3. Oh Doreen… I just can’t say enough about your mandalas. In addition to being amazing…this mandala speaks to me because issues of “heart” have been making their way to me… opening, expanding, loving, giving, for-giving. This mandals looks like a celebration of the heart..the flowers are dancing.. the heart has flung its doors open “Here I am…take me, accept me, tend to me” …is what I hear…and what I “needed” to hear…and do. Thank you for your heart-opening message.
    peace and blessings to you…

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