Mandala Bag

needle felting on felted bag

needle felting on felted bag

other side of the bag

other side of the bag

I discovered needle felting, so I decided to make a mandala design.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’m finished with the felting part and may embellish with beads as well.   When done, it will need a lining and then I will carry my mandala bag with me, filled with magic and joy.

This came about as a result of doing an online class with Chaska and beading some felted beads for a necklace.. I tried it on a bead first and fell in love 🙂

She is doing her last class of the season, a steampunk doll… looky here for info.


5 Responses

  1. Doreen,

    Your bag is fabulous!!! I am so envious. You are so skilled.


  2. OMG, Doreen.. I just love it!!
    I’ve never seen anything quite like it…and haven’t heard about needle felting… OH.. there’s so many exciting things to make, aren’t there? I wanna run right out and get started… but.. I’ll live vicariously through you.. (I’m really vibin’ w/my healing dolls…which I’ll see about posting in a few weeks)… This is why I’m up to all hours of the night! Thank you so much for sharing it… love the colors, the size…all of it!

    this creative life is a joy! cheers! ~Cheryl

  3. Ooh this is very nice! Well done. I love your bright colors and the fact that you will be carrying magic and joy!

  4. Oh my word! These would go in a heartbeat on Etsy! Beautiful!

  5. It is stunning Doreen….Are you going to put beads on it?
    I do needle felting also…but never really thought of doing the mandala ….what a novel idea!! LOVE the colors!

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